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non-commercial entomology, groundbeetles, genus Carabus
Carabus viridifossulatus from Sichuan, Gongga Shan (June 1993)
updated world checklist of the genus Carabus
(includes all Carabus-species and subspecies described before January 2004)
download the Checklist (Word 97 file - 358 kB)
 download a zipped file (87 kB)
World Catalogue of The Genus Carabus (1999)
The Catalogue is a continuation of The Check-list of the Genus Carabus of the same author,published in 1994 (Klapalekiana, 30: 1-2).
In comparison with the latter, it includes not only valid names of the subgeneric, specific and subspecific level, but also all synonyms.
Detailed geographical distribution patterns as well as type localities are stated  for all taxa treated as valid, and the type localities are stated
 also in synonyms. Permanently invalid names (especially junior homonyms) as well as unavailable names are pointed out.
 In taxonomy, also the results of the latest studies are applied, including those of DNA-analysisAll taxa described until June 1999
are included into the list. Concentrated in one compact book, the Catalogue provides enormous volume of taxonomic and zoogeographical data
necessary for each entomologist seriously interested in the Carabid beetles.

order the Catalogue via Pensoft Publishing House
download a demo version of the Catalogue (Word 97 file - 458 kB)
 download a zipped demo version (123 kB)
background photo: aerial view of a Canadian tundra on the Baffin Island (February 1998)
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